Medical Aid Products for Daily Use

The Pleasant Hills Apothecary is proud to offer you medical aids/medical supplies in addition to our prescription services. We carry a wide selection of different daily living aids including adjustable bed canes, pill organizers, convoluted ring cushions, crutches, bed handrails, lumber cushions, reusable underpads, walker trays and much more.

Daily Aid Medical Supplies and Products


7″, 10″ or 12″ Foam Bed Wedge by Duro-Med Industries

Our Duro-Med Industries Foam Bed Wedge is perfect for head, upper torso, foot, or leg elevations. Likely, your doctor or physical therapist recommended that you use a foam bed wedge to help improve breathing, acid reflux symptoms, or to relieve pain and pressure. Removable, zippered, machine washable polyester/cotton cover. Foam meets CAL #117 requirements and is latex Free. Different covers are available.


16″ Ring Cushion by Duro-Med Industries

The Duro-Med Industries cushion is designed for total comfort and support. The cushion conforms to your body naturally to reduce pain, pressure, and other discomfort. At 16 inches in diameter, the ring cushion is perfect for home, car travel, vacations and to use in your office. The Duro-Med Industries ring cushion is made of one-piece, puncture resistant foam. The polyester/cotton cover is removable for machine washing. The high-quality foam retains the cushion’s original shape through repeated use. Size 16″ x 13″ x 3. Weight capacity: 250lbs.


Ambulation Gait Belt by Duro-Med Industries

The ambulation gait belt was made to help one safely transfer and support loved ones who struggle with balance. Adjustable for a custom fit and extremely comfortable (not like a seat belt, this is padded well and offers many holding positions). Features a secure, snap-to-close buckle. Available in 50″ or 65″.


Anti-Embolism Stockings by Duro-Med Industries

When a loved one is confined to a bed or a relaxing position for an extend period of time, these stockings by Duro-Med Industries help relieve mild swelling. Available colors: White, Black, Beige.

Apex 7 Day Pill Organizer by Apex Medical

The apex 7-Day Pill Organizer is a perfect solution to storing and transporting your medications. It’s perfect for vacations and travel, and separates your medications into particular days so you can better track your medications. The pill organizer features a simple locking system that keeps your pills from spilling while you carry them with you or in case you drop it.


Apex Pill Pulverizer by Apex Medical

Put an end to smashing pills with a spoon! The Apex pill pulverizer crushes pills and caplets into a simple powder so you can mix your medications with foods or liquids. This is done with a simple twist of the wrist, making it easier for arthritic hands to operate. Made of tough, precision plastic.



Apex Twice-a-Day Pill Organizer by Apex Medical

The Apex Twice-a-day pill organizer makes it easy to manage your pills in a twice-a-day format. Just like our other pill organizers, the Apex Twice-a-day pill organizers is designed for easy pill removal. The pill organizer comes with 14 color coded compartments.


Bath Sponge by Duro-Med Industries

Frustrated with those hard-to-reach places? The Duro-Med Industries bath sponge comes with a strong handle and is effective for most body sizes. The bath sponge extends an individual’s reach 22-1/2″ and is perfect for a shower or bath.


Bath Washcloths by Sage Products

Sage Products has come out with a rinse-free disposable washcloths that are perfect for anyone who is having trouble getting into a shower or bath. The washcloths do not require the use of water, but still deliver a unique blend of mild cleaners and skin-protecting moisturizers. Your skin will feel soft and smooth thanks to the added aloe and Vitamin E. The best part? The package is microwave-safe and stay warms throughout the bath! Each package contains eight disposable washcloths.


Bathing Cloths by Convatec

Convatec’s specially-formulated bathing cloths are designed to remove soil, skin cells, sweat, and other debris without irritating skin. The cloths also contain comforting aloe and require no basin or water for bathing. The bathing cloths come in a package of eight.


Bed Cane Assist by Stander Inc.

The Stander Bed Cane helps get individuals get in and out of bed. It’s a perfect hand-hold for turning over in bed, too. It’s made with a durable, heavy-duty steel tubing and folds down for storage and travel. It also comes with an organizer pouch to keep handy items close by throughout the night. It has an easy-to-clean comfort grip, as well. It also comes with a size-adjustable safety strap to secure the bed cane to your mattress.


Bathroom Toilet Aid by Medline

When you have difficulty bending over or limited use of your arms, this wiping aid is for you. One can attach toilet paper to the clamp and use it to help better reach areas that need to be cleaned following the use of the bathroom. The design allows for an accurate amount of pressure and precision placement. The toilet aid’s rotating handle (9-3/4″) allows one to dispense the desired amount of tissue.


Bed Buddy Hot/Cold Moist Heat by Carex

The Bed Buddy is a perfect, non-medical solution to muscle aches, arthritis, and joint pain. Providing both hot and cold therapy, the Bed Buddy helps relive pain and encourage healing in a multitude of body parts.


Bendable Spoon or Fork by Essential

Alzheimers & Dementia patients can improve their eating habits with this bendable spoon and fork combo from Essential. Research shows that Alzheimers patients eat better with red utensils, and the large handles and bendable qualities help those with disabilities to better enjoy mealtimes. The dinnerware is machine washable, too!


Bib by Essential Medical Supply

Made from bright, heavyweight materials that hide stains and a waterproof vinyl backing, this bib by Essential comes with a hook and loop closure and is easy to use. The bib is 18″ x 30″ and is washer/dryer safe.

Button Aid/Zipper Pull by Duro-Med Industries

The Duro-Med Industries Button Aid and Zipper Pull helps those with limited hand motion (or the use of only one hand) to get dressed. Works with standard size buttons. Size: 9-1/4 in. Latex free. Metal hook assists with zippers.


Cane Holder Universal by Duro-Med Industries

Say goodbye to canes that continually fall to the ground. The holder hangs on any table ledge and the non-slip foam discs hold the cane firmly in place.


Cane Strap by Duro-Med Industries

Duro-Med Industries’ foam-grip handle strap. Weight capacity 250 lbs. Works with standard handles.


Carex Female Urinal P706-00

Lightweight and easy to use, the Carex Clear Urinal provides angled use in several position. For bedridden patients, this provides a easy-to-use solution that comes with less spills and an easy-to-grip handle. Measurement markings are included, so no more need to pour! Easy to clean and comes with a 35 oz. capacity. The product is latex free.


Carex Soft Hand Gloves

The Carex Soft Hand Gloves provide protection for injuries and reduce the risk of infection. The promote the absorption of creams and work for either right or left hands. They come in many sizes, from small to extra large.


Cervical Foam Neck Rolls by Duro-Med Industries

The foam neck rolls by Duro-Med Industries provide and easy and non-medical means to reduce pain for both cervical and sacral discomfort. These rolls are made of a polyurethane foam and are designed to be used for neck, back, and limbs. It also comes with a removable, zippered polyester/cotton cover that is machine washable. Foam meets CAL #117 requirements. 3.5″ x 19″.


Coccyx Seat Cushion by Duro-Med Industries

The Coccyx Seat Cushion brings a unique design that allows the user to use the cushion as an all-purpose solution. The foam is designed for optimum positioning and comfort. The product comes with a non-skid hook and loop closure for wheelchair attachment.


Comfort Heel Pillow by Duro-Med Industries

The comfort heel pillow by Duro-Med Industries helps to prevent and heal decubitus ulcers. It has a fiberfill that is resilient for greater support than competitor’s products. The has a convenient hook and loop closure and comes with a removable polyester and cotton cover. The cover is washable. One size fits most, but ask a staff member if you may be unsure if this will work for you.


Convoluted Ring Cushion 16″ Diameter by Duro-Med Industries

The ring-shaped seat cushion is designed for use by those at risk for pressure sores and ulcers. The cushion molds to body contours to reduce pressure point discomfort. The cushion is made of high-density foam that retains its shape regardless of how much it is used. The removable polyester cotton cover is machine washable. Size: 16 inches. Capacity: 250 pounds. Color:  White, Navy, or Plaid.


Cotton-tipped Applicators by Hardwood Products

These cotton-tipped applicators from Hardwood Products provide a means for diagnostic specimen collection, wount treatment, and medication applications.


Deluxe Molded Flexible Sock Aid by Duro-Med Industries

For those who have trouble bending over, these sock aids help make putting on socks simple and easy. The design fits the user’s heel/foot and the nylon material helps to reduce friction. These reduce the need to bend over and are hand-washable.


Deluxe Sock Aid by Essential Medical Supply

48 inch straps with a handle help provide a means for easily putting on one’s socks. The flexible shape is easier to use than most designs.


Donut Cushion by Duro-Med Industries

The Duro-Med Molded foam ring cushion are a one-piece, puncture-proof molded foam solution that helps reduce pressure-point discomfort. It comes with a polyester/cotton cover that is removable and washable.


Dressing Aid Stick by Duro-Med Industries

Trouble getting dressed? Difficulty bending over to pick things up? This dressing-aid stick adds 27 inches to your reach and has two hooks for picking up items. It’s great for those with only one hand or with limited mobility.


Easy Opener by Carex

An all-in-one opening device that can be used for everything from soda bottles, envelopes, box tops, and more. This is perfect for those with physical deformities, arthritis, dexterity issues, and gripping problems. The tool is perfect for both home and office use.


Expandable Door Hinge by Bell-Horn

Need to get a larger door? Instead of replacing the door, try the 2″ offset hinge by Bell-Horn. The offset hinge gives more access to the doorway without the need to install a new door.


Fast Freeze Cold Sleeve by Bell-Horn

These cold therapy sleeves are easy to wear and completely cover potential areas of pain. The sleeves are designed to stay in place and the 360-degree coverage delivers cold healing into soft tissues beyond the immediate site of the wound. This provides a faster healing process and keeps swelling to a minimum.


Foot Stool with Handle by Mabis DMI Healthcare

This foot stool from Mabis DMI comes with an attached, raised handrail and provides foam grips for additional safety. The stool is easy to move, and the non-slip matting helps provide better stability for its users. The rubber tipped feet prevent sliding and protect your floors. Weight Capacity: 250 lb.


Go-Go Travel Lift by Pride

For those who use Go-Go Scooters, this travel lift comes with a remote and allows you to access your scooter when away from your home or office.


Gown Adult Convalescent Blue by Mabis DMI Healthcare

These adult convalescent gowns are comfortable and come in many designs. The provide the wearer with back ties, front ties, snaps, or hook/loop closures. These are machine-washable and are made out of polyester and cotton. One size fits most, so ask a staff member if you are unsure.


Handirail Bed Assist Rail by TFI

The TFI Handirail bed assist rail will help you get in and out of bed confidently and comfortably.


Handybar by Stander

The Stander Handybar Car Door Support Aid Handle allows one to get into and out of vans with confidence. It helps to reduce falls and makes standing/sitting much easier. It securely fits into a passenger or driver side door latch and requires no modifications to a vehicle.


Heel and Elbow Protector by Briggs Healthcare

The Hell and Elbow Protector by Briggs Healthcare allows one to reduce shear and friction to your heels, knees, and elbows without preventing the skin from breathing. This is a great product for dermal ulcers on heels, elbows, and knees.


Ice Cane Attachment by Duro-Med Industries

Don’t be afraid to go out in the cold and snow! The Ice Cane Attachment helps promote safety when walking on snow and ice. The flip-up design is perfect for transitioning to an indoor environment and the attachments fit most canes and crutches easily. The assembly hardware is included and is not difficult to install.


Invisible Food Guard by Patterson Medical

The high-temp plastic rings from Patterson Medical are designed for snap onto a plate and aid in eating. The guard also helps keep your eating area clean. The dishwasher-safe ring is latex free.


It-Stays® Adhesive by BSN-JOBST

From stockings to wigs, It-Stays from BSN-JOBST is perfect to help hold garments and hair pieces in place and is washes off with water.


Jobst® Compression Therapy

Compression hosiery from JOBST provides remarkably sheer gradient solutions for men and women. These are the highest physician-recommend compression therapy compression solutions.


Jobst® for Men Socks by BSN-Jobst

Tired of sore, aching legs? These socks look just like traditional dress socks, but provide gradient support to help relive aches and pains. They come in the over-the-calf style and are ordered by shoe size. Available colors: White, Navy, Brown, Black.


Knee Walker 790 by Drive

For those recovering from foot surgery, broken bones, springs, amputations, and ulcers, the Knee Walker 790 comes with a strong frame and extra comfort features. The walker can fold for travel and/or storage, too! The tool-free height adjustment for both the seat and the handle makes this walker an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor use.


Knee-Ease Pillow by Duro-Med Industries

This pillow helps to keep your body in alignment and prevents aches and pains.


LogicMark Guardian Alert 911 by LogicMark

Push-button 911 emergency alert system. Working just like a cordless phone, the pendant worn around a user’s neck allows one-button alert processing with a wide coverage area.


Lotion Applicator – Long Handle by Essential Medical Supply

Whether you live at home or you have limited mobility, this applicator allows you to extend your reach by 14 inches and reach areas like your back, legs, and feet.


Lumbar Cushion by Duro-Med Industries

This lumbar cushion by Duro-Med Industries helps relieve lower back pain and improves alignment in your spine. The cushion comes with a removable polyester and cotton cover. The contoured foam is very resistant to repeated use and the cushion retains it shape over long periods of time. Foam meets call #117 requirements, latex free.


Magnifier Lighted by Duro-Med Industries

Trouble reading? This magnifier provides 3x magnification and a bifocal insert that provides at 5x magnification. The lighted feature requires two AA batteries (not included).


Magnifying Sheets by Mercer County Rehab

If you are constantly reading pages of text and need a solution to how difficult they are to see, the magnifying sheet covers by Mercer County Rehab allow you to enjoy 3x magnification and makes it easier to read small print.


Molded Foam Ring Cushions by Duro-Med Industries

The foam ring, loved by many a pregnant woman, helps alleviate stress and reduce pressure points.


No-Rinse Body Wash by Complete Medical

A no-rinse body wash to leave skin clean, fresh, and odor-free. Apply to skin and towel dry. It’s that simple.


No Rinse Shampoo by Complete Medical

8 oz. bottle. Completely cleans hair without water. No rinsing required.


Non-Skid Slippers by Posey

To help prevent falls, increasing traction between the floor and walker is important. These non-skid slippers are available in five colors and are latex-free. The socks fit up to adult size 14.


Non-Tilt Overbed Table by Drive

Just like you enjoyed at the hostpital, the non-tilt overbed table is perfect for those who are bed-ridden or have difficulty leaving the bed. The textured surface helps prevent items from sliding off the table and, while adjustable, the table locks firmly once you’ve pick the desired height.


Pedifix Hammer Toe Cushion by Drive

Hammer toe pain? The Pedifix Hammer Toe Cushion helps provide support and pain relief for hammer, claw, mallet, and arthritic toes. These cushions prevent corns, calluses, and blisters. Washable and reusable.


Pik Stik

Improve your reach with one of the most widely-used professional tool. The PikStick helps you to reach and/or manipulate otherwise out-of-reach items.


Posture Corrector by Duro-Med Industries

Improve your posture with the right back support. The Posture Corrector features hook and loop closures for an adjustable, custom fit. Available in white, 80% cotton and 20% Lycra, latex free and is machine washable. Available in chest sizes: S (30″-32″), M (34″-36″), ML (38″-40″), L (42″-44″), XL (46″-48″).


Pulley Exerciser Set by Duro-Med Industries

The over-the-door pulley exerciser helps increase upper body strength safely. The exerciser fits over most standard doors.


Reacher with Rotating Head by Essential Medical Supply

Featuring a strong jaw with high-quality nylon cording, the Reacher has a rotating head and a magnetic tip. It’s made from anodized aluminum and operates via a trigger. One (1) per bag with hanger card.


Reusable Underpad by Essential Medical Supply

100% cotton top sheet. Heavyweight 8 oz. absorbent center. Waterproof back. 36″ x 36″ absorbent center with two 18″ x 36″ flaps to secure under mattress.


Ring Cushion by Duro-Med Industries

The ring cushion by duro-med industries come as one-piece molded foam that is puncture proof and comfortable. These cushions are designed to reduce pressure-point discomfort. Machine-washable cover made from polyester and cotton.


Sheep Skin Synthetic Polyester Fabric Pads by Duro-Med Industries

These sheepskin, machine-washable pads help prevent decubitus ulcers. Hypo-allergenic. Available in 30″ x 40″ and 30″ x 60″.


Shoehorn Curved Plastic 18″ by Mercer County Rehab

This shoehorn from Mercer County Rehab helps the user better put on shoes, as well as reach far-away objects. Features a nylon loop for storage.


Shoehorn Jumbo Metal by Essential Medical Supply

The 24 inch long shaft helps one to put on shoes. This especially helps users with back and leg problems.


Shopping Cart Folding 4 Wheels by Briggs Healthcare

Need help with groceries, laundry, or books? This folding shopping card is easy to put together and folds for storage. It has a textured hand grip and hooks onto most retail shopping carts. It has 6″ rear and 3″ front tires. 12″ x 20″ x 10″ basket size. Overall size: 15” x 36” x 17” . Weight capacity: 100 lbs. Weighs approximately: 7-1/2 lbs.


Single-Fold Ramps by Pride

These single-fold ramps from Pride provide a means of traversing curbs, door thresholds, and more. They come in multiple lengths and can serve up to 600 pounds. The lightweight ramps are tremendously portable, perfect for home and travel.


Slippie Gator by Juzo

The Slippie Gator Kit provides you with the famous Slippie Gator and their Easy Pad. It was made to be a lightweight donning and doffing device for toe compression stockings and socks. When you use the included Easy Pad, the Slippie Gator reduces bending at the waist. Comes with instructions and a convenient storage bag.


Sloping Coccyx Cushion by Duro-Med Industries

The Sloping Coccyx Cushion by Duro-Med Industries is a foam cushion made of highly-resilient foam for both comfort and durability. It’s perfect for the home, car, or office. The 3″ deviation provides pressure relief for the coccyx and tailbone area. The cover is machine washable and comes designed with a handle for easy transportation.


Stander Bed Rail 8000 by Stander

Getting help in and out of bed has never been easier. The bed rail 8000 by Stander folds out of the way when you’re not using it, and attached securely to either side of any bed frame. It comes with safety straps and fits all standard bed frames, adjustable beds, and hospital beds. The rail is 23″ high from the base of the mattress to the top of the rail. Adjusts to 26″, 34″, and 42″ widths and supports up to 300 pounds.


Sure Hand Bendable Utensils by Patterson Medical

To improve self-feeding, the bendable metal shaft in Patterson Medical’s diningware conforms to a user’s needs. These comes with a comfortable, non-slip grip and extra-wide lips on the handle. The ribbing allows for an easy cleanup and the stainless-steel utensils are dishwasher safe. The product is latex free. This is for those with arthritis, weak grip, strokes, and other disabilities of motor function.


Swivel Seat Cushion by Duro-Med Industries

This Duro-Med Industries seat cushion provides 360 degree swivel action and allows one to turn in any direction with reduced hip and back strain. The cushion is made of a polyfoam pad and has a removable cover. Weight capacity 300 pounds.


Toilet Aid by Patterson Medical

The lightweight tongs assist individuals that cannot reach the way they used to. The ends are angled for precise application and use of pressure. The handles are vinyl-coated, wrapped around stainless steel, and the product is latex free.


Toilet Tissue Aid by Complete Medical Supplies, Inc.

Another possibility to help aid your bathroom experience, The Bottom Buddy is a toilet tissue aid worth considering. The soft, flexible head offers a different take on other products, and the paper/wipes are easily released into the bowl (just push a button).  Storage bag included.


Transfer Board – White Plastic by Duro-Med Industries

Made from a heavy-duty plastic composite, this transfer board is perfect for anyone moving from a wheelchair, bed, chair, or toilet. It can handle up to 500 pounds, but it is remarkably lightweight itself. The board is 8″ x 27 1/2″.


Universal Walker Pouch by Duro-Med Industries

Adding a place to keep your favorite things, this walker pouch attached easily to walkers with a hook and loop closure. It has several compartments and security straps to prevent swinging. Made from a denim fabric and is machine washable. Size: 9-1/2″ x 13″.


Universal Walker Tray by Duro-Med Industries

This plastic tray slides onto standard walkers and help the user enjoy meals, crafts, bingo, and other enjoyable activities. The raised edge prevents spills and it has two recessed cup holders. 21″ x 16″ x 1″; weight capacity: 5 lbs.